Shanna was born and raised in surf city Huntington Beach, California. She is a graduate of Edison High School, Class of 2008. After high school she started at Orange Coast College where she studied general education. She found a love and passion for nutrition and holistic ways of healing at the age of 18, where she began to eat a true whole foods diet and implement whole food supplements and herbs into her life for ways of support and healing, rather than pharmaceuticals.

She is studying nutrition and health coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she has studied many dietary theories, cravings, digestive imbalances, eating disorders, and food allergies. Also that proper nutrition goes hand in hand with the whole body and mind. Having healthy and happy relationships, career, spirituality and exercise is a component of life that is the nutrition for our mind, body and soul.

She began interning with Shannon and A Natural Healing Center in May 2014, where she continues to learn about Chinese medicine, scar tissue removal, massage therapy and Nutrition Response Testing. In her spare time she can be found studying, hiking, surfing, playing with her Chihuahua, reading the Bible and relaxing with loved ones.

If you haven’t yet met Shanna, come on in! She is in on Tuesdays.