How it works and why we use it

We study your heart rate with a quantitative assessment of your body’s autonomic nervous system and your physical fitness level based on Heart Rate Variabilty analysis by Nerve-Express.

Nerve-Express is a fully automatic, non-invasive computer-based system designed for quantitative assessment of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis. The algorithms used by Nerve-Express have been developed and tested for over twenty years in studies involving more than twenty thousand patients .

Nerve Express

Heart Rate Variability analysis results

Tech talk
HRV analysis is based on measuring variability in heart rate; specifically, variability in intervals between R waves – “RR intervals”. Nerve-Express is the first and only system to solve the problem of SNS-PSNS quantification. This technological breakthrough is achieved by using proprietary algorithms and a new approach based on one of the leading theories of Artificial Intelligence – Marvin Minsky’s Frame Theory.

HRV monitor

Nerve-Express objectively and reliably evaluates the state of ANS in “real-time” (up to 24 hours) as well as during Orthostatic test and Valsalva maneuver combined with Deep Breathing. Due to its highly sophisticated HRV analysis, Nerve-Express is the only system that enables quantification of 74 ANS states with a corresponding qualitative description for each one.

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