Is this your first visit?  Here’s how to get started.

Get Started – before your first visit

Please download and take a few minutes to read and complete these forms.  These are really important in understanding your current health.  Bring the completed New client Packet on your first visit.

new client packet


What to expect during your visit

During your first visit we will discuss your goals and spend more time to understand your body.  Following visits are normally faster and less involved.

· pH testing – a quick saliva test to check your pH level to understand how alkaline balance
· Iodine testing – with a few drops on your tongue we test the iodine level in your body
· Zinc testing – with a few drops on your tongue we test the zinc level in your body
· Heart Rate Variability testing – we study your heart patterns in less than 10 minutes – read more
· Nutritional Response Testing – this is also called “muscle testing” or kinesiology – read more

Program Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to make your wellness experience as successful and beneficial for you as possible. We know from working with many clients that moving to a healthier, happier, and more balanced body and lifestyle may mean changes of long held habits. We’ve developed these guidelines and our education programs to help you succeed. Please review our program guidelines before you begin.

Learn more about us and how we work

Before you visit you can learn more about our wellness team.