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Everyday we help people to enjoy better health. Read the success stories of some of our many clients and believe that together, we can help you and your body reach its maximum potential!


Scar Tissue Removal & Treatment

“I had very noticeable Scars from past a surgery, and dark skin under my arms. For years I felt very insecure about them. Shannon told me what I needed to do to heal the scars and dark skin.

After rubbing my scars and dark skin areas as instructed by Shannon, my scars are much lighter and less noticeable. Some of my scars it looks as if I never had a scar. The dark areas under my arms are gone. Thank God for Shannon, for her sharing her knowledge to help others”

– Ida G.


“I had a severe C-section back in 1983 and eight years later a hysterectomy was performed right over the old scar. The scar felt like a rope with segmented twists along the entire scar. Using Walnut oil, I rubbed my scars faithfully.

After a couple of weeks, she felt the scar and it was not so distinct. After six weeks the outer edges of the scar were even more non-distinct. When two months passed, I had to press in, in order to feel it (the scar). One little area about one inch wide was still hard. Shannon cold-lasered that area for me.

After rubbing for about a year diligently, the scar is gone and feels smooth now, instead of like a bad rope texture.”

– Patricia D.


“My skin was blotchy and looked like a cow. My skin was rough and edgy with patches of bumps and ridges. The rash would come and go for several years. Mom had taken me to the Dermatologist, but nothing worked.

Under Shannon’s nutritional coaching and staying away from certain foods, the blotches are going away and my skin is now smooth. The bumps and ridges are gone and now the skin is smooth.”

– Nathan G., 11 years old


“I had a rash on my legs and neck. I also had numbness on my arms while I slept. I had many scars and also a C-section scar which felt like a bump along the line.

After I started rubbing my scars, I feel so much better. After I rubbed my scars, my circulation was much improved. Also when I rub my scars, I feel a surge of energy. I can jog and not get so tired. After rubbing my C-section scar, it has become smooth.”

– Cindy M.


“I am writing about my surgical scars. I have seven surgical scars, two of which are large. Those particular scars were very visible, red, and deep.

Now, I can no longer see the smaller scars and the two large ones have faded and the skin is more pink and natural-looking. It will be interesting to see if those disappear as have the rest. If I hadn’t seen the progress with my own eyes, I would have never believed it.”

– Glenys J.


Overall Health & Wellness

Family wellness with Arlene, Monique & Romie
Watch and listen to one family’s success story below.


Before  “I had blurred vision, no appetite, felt depressed, was shaking & feeling nervous all the time.”

After  “My vision is getting clearer, appetite is returning. Feeling less anxious and my shaking has stopped.”

– Pamela L.


Before  “Left breast was sore – not like premenstrual soreness – but an odd twinging sensation.”

After  “After cutting out cow dairy the soreness went away – immediately, Psoas muscle making slow but steady progress. I believe cutting out caffeine has helped immensely.”

– Joni S.


Before  “I was struggling to keep my hypertension and diabetes (which I have had for over ten years) in control. My regular doctor was threatening to add more medication by the time I came in to see Shannon.”

After  “After fourteen years of taking anti-hypertensive medication, I have normal blood pressure with only four weeks of eating the right foods AND no medication! (within the past 3 days) I have seriously cut down my diabetes medications as well. I have full confidence my body will totally heal itself this year!”

– Erica Y.


Before  “Tired, achy, bloated, hopeless, frustrated, considering gastric bypass, groggy minded, swollen (extremely) feet & ankles felt like the skin on the top of my feet was going to split open.”

After “Boundless energy, NORMAL feet & ankles! = ) No bloating, clear minded, excited, hopeful, recovering! Amazing! Mind blowing! Wow!”

– Carol C.


Before  “Before I came I constantly had stomach aches and I always felt bloated. I had trouble falling asleep at night and during the day I was always tired.”

After  “My stomach aches & bloating are almost gone. I’m sleeping much better and I have much more energy during the day. Overall I just feel more comfortable and happy.”

– Amy E.


Before  “I was 5’1″ & was stick to my stomach.”

After  “I stopped dairy & I grew 5 inches & my stomach is great.”

– Jason B.


Before “I was always tired, irritable, hormonal, very difficult to live with. I was always bloated and couldn’t lose weight. My menstrual cycle was so painful and my flow was very, very heavy. I had to take Pamprin for at least 3 days until the pain was bearable.”

After “Now I have energy! My hormones have leveled out. I am so easy going. I am 5 pounds away from my Goal weight! My bloating s gone and best of all my menstrual cycle has improved by 90%. I have one difficult day, instead of 3 or 4. I don’t even need my Pamprin anymore!! Thank you Dr. Shannon for allowing me to be happy & myself again!! =)”

– Renee L.


Before “Gaining weight, no energy, sleepless nights, and acid reflux episodes.”

After  “Absolutely no acid reflux at night, I sleep better, I’ve lost 7 lbs & have lots of energy.”

– Deb S.


Before “Overweight – tired – no motivation. Did not feel good about myself. Did not pay attention to what I ate. My feet and legs would be sore when I walked. I had a slight case of asthma. I have high blood pressure.”

After “More energy – lost weight – better attitude – I like to work longer and harder. No soreness or pain in my legs anymore. I have no asthma symptoms anymore. I have lowered my blood pressure medicine also. Don’t snore anymore.”

– Tom U.


“I was bothered by terrible bowels and obesity and tried various approaches but none fully handled my condition until now. I have already seen improvements just in three weeks”

– 48 year old father and client of Shannon Eggleston


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