Do you have scars on your body?

From surgery?

From accidents?

From LIFE?

They effect your health and wellness…not just your looks!

Does it really work?

Read what our clients say…

“After I started rubbing my scars, I feel so much better. After I rubbed my scars, my circulation was much improved. Also when I rub my scars, I feel a surge of energy. I can jog and not get so tired. After rubbing my C-section scar, it has become smooth.”

– Cindy M.

“I had very noticeable Scars from past a surgery, and dark skin under my arms. For years I felt very insecure about them…[now] my scars are much lighter and less noticeable. Some of my scars it looks as if I never had a scar…Thank God for Shannon, for her sharing her knowledge to help others”

– Ida G.

“My skin was blotchy and looked like a cow…The rash would come and go for several years. Mom had taken me to the Dermatologist, but nothing worked.

Under Shannon’s nutritional coaching and staying away from certain foods, the blotches are going away and my skin is now smooth.”

– Nathan G., 11 years old

“I had a severe C-section and eight years later a hysterectomy right over the old scar. The scar felt like a rope with segmented twists along the entire scar….After rubbing for about a year diligently, the scar is gone and feels smooth now, instead of like a bad rope texture.”

– Patricia D.

“I have seven surgical scars, two of which are large…very visible, red, and deep.  Now, I can no longer see the smaller scars and the two large ones have faded and the skin is more pink and natural-looking…If I hadn’t seen the progress with my own eyes, I would have never believed it.”

– Glenys J.

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